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Some of the things I’ve been asked


How do I place a bet or what’s the best way to bet?

I’ll never give you advice on how to place a bet, the best way to bet or how much to bet; it’s not something I’ll ever do.


What’s Rule 4?

Rule 4 is a deduction that’s applied to your winnings when one or more horses are withdrawn from the race you’ve bet on.


What do you mean when you say you need discipline?

It’s easy for anyone to start chasing winners, which means placing bigger stakes to make a bigger return. When you go into a shop and buy a lottery ticket, you don’t really expect to win, do you (be honest!)? But you have to be in it to win it! You have a higher chance of winning a horse racing bet than you do the lottery – and it’s the same principle in betting. You have to see betting as an investment, and you have to be disciplined with your stakes. The accumulators, trebles and doubles will land – it’s just a case of when – but whatever accumulators I place, I have single bets as well. This helps you to stop losing money, make your stakes back and sometimes make a small profit.


Why do tipsters ask for a fee for their information/tips?

To some tipsters, this is a full-time job, and for running a website and payment system, accounting for the tipster’s time comes with a fee to cover that. You’ll make more money from the tips than the membership fee you’ll be charged by your tipster each month.

You can generally tell who’s a good tipster, as their membership fee per month will be from about £20 to £50, and you can usually figure out a bad tipster, as they’ll charge you a one-off fee or £10 or less per month. However, not all of those who offer such a low price are really that bad. You need to look for the following:

    • Are they registered with Companies House?
    • Are they registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?
    • Do they offer any links on their website (usually at the bottom of the page) to show you proof that they’re a legitimate business?

If the answers to all of these questions is yes, then they’re most likely fine.


Are you a tipster?

No, I’m not a tipster; I’m someone who’s willing to share my daily personal bets for a membership fee. So, I won’t advise you to bet, I won’t advise you what to bet on, I won’t advise you how to bet and I won’t advise you how much to bet.


My bookmaker has closed my account; why is this?

If a bookmaker has closed your account, they don’t have to give you a reason why (and they’ll state that in their terms and conditions). One of the reasons why they do this is if you are making too much money from that bookmaker, and therefore you’re a non-profitable customer for them. They aren’t making money from you, but the bookmaker won’t tell you that! It’s always good to have more than one bookmaker’s account, and to change between them once a week to help avoid your account being closed.


I’m spending too much time gambling; what can I do?

Gambling can be an addiction, and people can get very carried away by chasing winnings and placing bigger stakes to try to get a greater return. However, a good thing about using a tipster is that they’ll only have a select number of bets per day.

Most bookmakers offer a time out or temporary suspension of your account and use of their websites, which you can do yourself when needed.

Furthermore, there’s also a lot of help out there for gambling addiction, should you need it, and here’s one such organisation, just to get you started.

Gamble aware@2x


What’s a points system?

Some tipsters use a points system to help guide them and others when placing stakes and keeping track of things. I don’t use a points system. I don’t see the point (pun intended!); you place a bet to win money, so you either win or lose.


Is my membership on a contract?

No, you’re not tied into a contract with your membership. You’re free to delete your account anytime you like.


Is my membership fee refundable?

Unfortunately, your membership fee is non-refundable, and it does state that in my terms and conditions. Before you sign up with me, you should follow me on social media for a while to see what I’m about. Even if someone has recommended me to you, you should check me out on social media before taking out a membership.


What are my chances of winning?

Some tipsters work very hard to make sure you and the tipster both win. We don’t lose money just for the sake of it, and the tips are never ever guaranteed. You have more of a chance of winning and making money from horse racing than you do of winning the lottery, but you have to be in it to win it.


Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

In the UK, all gambling winnings are completely tax free, so there’s no need to hide what you’ve won from the UK government. However, you should keep up to date with this law just in case this changes in the future. If you live in another country, you must check with your government and law in regard to paying taxes on your gambling winnings, and remember to check regularly to see if the law changes.

Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified lawyer, and therefore you must do your own due diligence to make sure you understand all laws and regulations with respect to your own gambling.


My bookmaker has restricted my bets; why is this?

Yes, the market does have restrictions. However, if, for example, you wanted to place a £5 bet on a accumulator, treble or double, and you’re only allowed to stake £1, this normally serves as a warning from your bookmaker and an indication that you’re winning too much money. If you continue, they will close your account, but your bookmaker won’t tell you this; they’ll always tell you that’s just the way the market is. And, yes, the market can be that way, but you will know when it starts happening regularly. That’s why it’s always good to use more than one bookmaker, using each one only once a week/month.


What’s the maximum daily payout?

Every bookmaker will have a maximum daily payout that they’re willing to pay you. Each bookmaker has different limits, and it also depends on where the horse racing is taking place around the world. It will state all this in their terms and conditions / rules, so let’s not waste money.

Take this as an example:

You’ve placed £5 on a 10-fold to win, and you’re being shown a £5,000,000 return. If the bet wins, the reality is that you’re only going to get £1,000,000 back, because your bookmaker has stated in their terms and conditions / rules that the maximum daily payout on UK horse racing is £1,000,000. So, let’s not waste unnecessary money on stakes trying to get a big return. Make your stake up to your bookmaker’s maximum daily-payout limit, and sometimes you’ll only see something like a £0.20p stake, but keep this in mind if you want to have a big return.


I can’t log in as the system doesn’t recognise me; what should I do?

If you haven’t paid your membership fee within one day after the due date, the system will suspend your account. After seven days of non-payment, the system will automatically delete your account to make way for new members, so you’ll have to rejoin as a new member.


I don’t get notifications on the mobile app; how can I change that?

It’s important that you’ve downloaded the mobile app** from the Apple store or Android market, and that you haven’t just visited my website and saved it to your home screen. It’s also important that you check that the notification settings for my mobile app are switched on in your phone settings. Following this guidance should help you to resolve this. However, just for peace of mind, I monitor this constantly to make sure this is working from my end.


Do you offer a free trial?

No, I don’t offer any kind of free trial. If you’re signing up with me, then I recommend that you should first follow all my social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) to see what I’m about and what I do.


Why aren’t you on any tipster review sites?

I’m not on any tipster review sites because I’m not a tipster; I’m someone who shares my daily bets/predictions for a monthly membership fee.


Are you a legitimate business?

Yes, I am. I’m registered with the UK government’s Companies House. I’ve provided the link for this at the bottom of the page as proof; if you click on the link, it will take you to the Companies House website. I’m also registered for UK VAT tax and, again, I’ve provided the link for this at the bottom of the page as proof.


Do you share my personal information?

I don’t share any of your personal with anyone at any time, as stated in the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie settings. I take your data protection very seriously and take every possible and available action to make sure your information is safe. I’m also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK, which is the data protection authority that will make sure I’m doing all I can by law to protect your personal information. At the bottom of the page, I’ve included a clickable link that shows you I’m registered with the ICO.


Can you recommend a good bookmaker?

I won’t at any time encourage you to bet; it isn’t something I’ll ever do, so I won’t be recommending any bookmakers to you.


Why do tipsters advertise bookmakers and their deals, but you won’t?

Again, I’m not a tipster; I’m someone who shares my personal betting information for a monthly membership fee. However, as I understand it, when a tipster advertises bookmakers and bookmakers’ deals, it usually means that the tipster has a deal or an arrangement with the bookmaker, which is something I would stay well clear of.


Why don’t you email your daily bets/predictions to your members?

The best and safest way to get my daily information is by logging in to the website page to which I upload my daily information; this helps to keep my data protection to a very high standard. By sending emails to all members on a daily basis, there would always be a chance that the email could be sent in the wrong format, resulting in members’ email addresses being seen by other members. Hence, after very carefully taking advice, I’ve made the decision that this isn’t a service I’ll be providing.


Do you bet on international racing?

No, I don’t ever bet on international racing. I only bet on racing in the UK and Ireland. This is where my knowledge and experience is, and I’ll never deviate from that.


Why do you offer this service?

I offer this service because the world of social media has taken a lot of interest in information on my daily bets, and creating this website and starting a business was the best way forward from this.

In 2008 and 2009, I wanted to know what it was like to use a tipster, so I signed up to the top 10 tipsters I could find. Over the two-year period, I was shocked to find how they worked: from sending me the bets to telling me how to bet with the information and how much to bet. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), so my brain processes information differently to a normal, everyday person. I found my own unique way of doing research and picking my horses, and ever since 2010, I’ve been betting by myself and earning good money from it.

I learned a lot from using tipsters. You’ll get a lot of people who’ll give themselves a name and a logo, but who don’t care if you win or lose; they’ll always win. However, there are good, honest tipsters out there who do care about you and will do their best to help you win; they’re registered businesses and do things properly, but finding the good ones will always be hard. So if you’re thinking of using one, please, please do your homework on them: follow all the social media accounts they have for a minimum of three months to see what they’re about, check they’re a registered business, see if they’re registered with a data protection authority, check what payment systems they use, and be safe!


What social media accounts do you have?

I have the following social media accounts:

  • Twitter – @adam_mckayley
  • Instagram – @adammckayley

I also provide links on my website, which will take you directly to them.


Can you beat the bookmakers?

The answer to this is simple: no, you’ll never be able to beat a bookmaker. Their terms and conditions (T&Cs) and policies make sure you can’t; that’s why they have maximum daily payouts in their T&Cs. So, don’t listen to any tipster or person who says they can! However, you can always make good money from a bookmaker with help from the right people.


Why do you say betting is an investment?

I see betting as an investment because you’re investing your money in making more money. Again, it’s down to patience and discipline. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a lot in betting; you just need to have the right person behind you who knows what they’re doing – or you yourself need to know what you’re doing.


What’s a betting bank?

Put simply, a betting bank is an amount of money that you’ve put aside to bet with. For example, on 1st January every year, I always make sure £500 is in my betting bank at any time, so if I have a week/month where I’ve only experienced a few wins, I always have money to fall back on and I don’t have to keep topping up my account, using more and more money.


Do you replace non-runners?

Yes, I’ll sometimes replace a non-runner if it becomes a non-runner between 09:00 and 12:00, but not all the time. If I do and you’ve downloaded my app,** then you should get a notification through the app to say that there has been an update to information or changes have been made to the website.


I don’t understand how you’re making money?

This is a question that gets asked a lot by my members, so I thought I’d include an example in these FAQs:

If I’ve selected six horses and I spend £25 on each single and £5 on the six-fold, that’s £155 spent on stakes. If one of my horses is at 33/1 and wins, that returns £850, making £695 profit. If the rest of the horses lose, then I’ve still made money from that one horse.

If you look at my Twitter pages, you can clearly see I win with a lot of good odds.


Why don’t you ever show how much you’ve won on your social media accounts?

Because what I win is my personal business, and for close personal reasons, I don’t display the amount I’ve won. It also sends the wrong message out to people, who may then think they can bet the amount I do. However, when I win big ones – such as trebles and accumulators – then I do display them.

All the answers to my FAQs are answered to the best of my knowledge and experience, and they’re based on the UK government’s policies and laws; I’ll update this page if and when the laws or policies change. However, in regard to the laws and policies in other countries around the world, please refer to that country’s government’s laws and policies for advice and guidance.

Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified lawyer, and therefore you must do your own due diligence to make sure you understand all laws and regulations with respect to your own gambling.

**Please note that our app is under redevelopment presently, so where the app is mentioned, then please refer to the website’s latest news and blogs for up-to-date information.