How It Works

How It Works

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How your membership works


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Sign up and create a login. Once signed in, you can also make changes to your personal details, pause or cancel your membership. You will then be able to view my daily horse racing bets.

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Pay the membership fee

The membership fee is currently only £1 per month, and it is taken automatically by direct debit every month until you choose to cancel or pause your payments. All payments go through (and are taken by) our direct debit provider, GoCardless, so you can rest assured that your payment details are secure. You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. The direct debit comes out of your bank 3 working days after your first order is placed. For renewals each month, the direct debit comes out 3 working days after each renewal date.

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Check for Saturday uploads

I upload my predictions on Friday evening by 22:00 for Saturday.

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